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How to beat anxiety. Regain control. Thrive during a crisis.

How to manage anxiety and regain control in any situation. Why some people suffer in crisis and some thrive no matter what? Recognize the difference. This workshop was presented over Zoom for the Central Maryland Pagan Group. Simple strategies for managing anxiety, fears, and staying in control even during a crisis.

Progressive muscle relaxation demo. How to relax.

Progressive muscle relaxation is a great way to relax and enter trance state. It is very popular technique among professional hypnotists. It's easy to do. It feels good! In this video I show how I guide my client through a quick progressive muscle relaxation to induce hypnotic trance.

Hypnosis at Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Nursing

What is Hypnosis and its Benefits

What is Hypnosis? Notre Dame of Maryland University: School of Nursing. Part 2.

What is Hypnosis? Notre Dame of Maryland University: School of Nursing. Part 3

Watch this if you believe that you have never been hypnotized. We enter hypnotic trance daily!

Experience hypnosis and change your life for the better.

Notre Dame University of Maryland: Nursing School. Group #4.

Numb pain with hypnosis.

Hypnosis demonstraion. Nursing School.

Mend your broken heart fast with this simple NLP technique.

Do this if your just broke up with your loved one and you will instantly feel better. Repeat at least 4 times.

Conversational hypnosis demonstration. Hypnosis without classic induction. You can hypnotize a person during a regular conversation.

Do this if you want to feel better.

An easy way to naturally boost happy hormones and improve your sense of well-bieng.

Handwriting analysis. Introduction to graphology.

Your handwriting can tell a lot about your emotional state and mental health.


Hypnosis demonstration. Feeling better now and relax. Anchoring technique.Eden Life Journeys Healing Retreat Bon Secours, Marriottsville, Maryland,

Follow along and you will feel better now!

Hypnosis demonstration. How to forget your worries (and your husband) and finally really relax.

Eden Life Journeys Healing Retreat Bon Secours, Marriottsville, Maryland,

Snippet from my Tatric energy healing workshop. No-contact energy massage. Once the stagnant energy removed, a vigorous flow of fresh energy can feel ecstatic.

Snippet from my class.  Adapting Shamanism to the modern world. Soul Journey in the clonic setting. Hypnotic drivers.


If you are interested in becoming a Certified Shamanic Soul JOurney & Retrieval Practitioner, you can register for the course here: Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner Certification Course.

To-do list. How to stay focused and accomplish things without getting overwhelmed. .

Past Life Regression workshop. Group Hypnosis. Catonsville, Maryland.

If you are curious about Past Life Regression, this video will give you all the ranswers you need. You'll have a chance to experience hypnosis at the end of this workshop. This is your chance to experience it for free!

Snippet from my class. Experience Shamanic Soul Journey guided meditation. Not all shamanic work is done dressed in feathers and by the fire. Everything evolves and adapts, so the healing practices. Modern shamans moved into offices.

The light inside of us. What a soul looks like to psychics. People without any light inside them.

Hypnosis and Coaching Certification and Self-Development Courses

How to stop putting thing off? Why do we procrastinate? Once you understand WHY, it will be easy to overcome.

Toxic people & energy vampires. How to deal with them. Identify toxic people and energy vampires in your life. Recognize the signs. Learn how to deal with these people.

Intro to Palmistry. Fingers, lines, symbols, and marks.

Corrective Palmistry Workshop

Are you still persistently working on letting your ego go? Listen to this first.

DETOX BATH: All of my weight loss clients must take this bath for 7 - 10 nights in a row during the detox program. Otherwise, 1-2 times per week is sufficient. It draws out toxins, relaxes, alkalizes. "Side effect": you will sleep like a baby. Recipe: 1 cup of each: Epsom Salt; Sea Salt or table salt with iodine; baking soda. You can add a few drops of essential oils: rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile.... 20 - 30 minutes. Make sure to scrub yourself well with soap after the bath. Your water will look like you've never showered before. Do not apply anything to the skin after the bath. Your body will continue to detox while you sleep. You may apply some oil after the morning shower.

Are you struggling to make your affirmations work? Affirmations = Manifestation.

We have the power to reshape our reality with the sound of our We have the power to reshape our reality with the sound of our own voice.

Attract love by changing your energy. Change your energy - change your life.

Are you still alone? People are attracted or repelled by energy. Change your energy and you will change your life. Once you change your energy, people will be drawn to you like bees to honey, and men will find you attractive regardless of your age, shape, and status.

How to release old unprocessed emotions.

Etrenal struggle. Why men can't aim into the toilet?

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