Interviews about hypnosis and healing

Passive vs Active Meditation. How to meditate.

Exploring Awesome Podcast with Kim Kellner and Guzalia Davis There are many ways to meditate. Passive and active meditation. Easy meditative practices. Healthy Living Facebook Group:

The Smoke-out series: Quit smoking the easy way with James Harrison.

James Harrison - hypnotists and energy healer. Located in Portland, Oregon.

Call: 971 336-5565 Website:

Chatting about energy healing, hypnosis, and black magic with Henry Bond. Hypnosis, Healing, and Sorcery with Henry Bond. Henry Bond's Journey Through Meditation Podcast:

Video project made in collaboration with other hypnotherapists.

Train with me: Past Life Regression Practitioner Certification Course

Interview with Jason Linett on Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast

The Smoke-out series: Quit Smoking with Angel Blanco

Angel Blanco Miami area, Florida

The Smoke-out series: Stop smoking easily with hypnosis with Norman Plotkin - hypnotherapist.

Norman sees clients in person in his office, Sacramento, California, and via Zoom all over the world.

IG: @normanplotkincht

FB: @normanplotkininc

The Smok-out Series: How hypnosis works? Stop smoking easily.

Jim Kellner

Jim's talk on TEDx

Jim's Comedy Channel

The Smoke-out series: Quit smoking the easiest and most effective way with hypnosis with Dave Ashg

Call: 202-607-7808 Arlington, VA

The Smoke-out series: Quit smoking easily with hypnosis with Michelle Ayers.

What you need to know to prepare for successful smoking cessation.

Michelle Ayers Call: 443 - 855 - 2944

Located in Catonsville, Maryland, USA

The Smoke-out series: Quit smoking with Gail Webster. Hypnotherapist, Comedy Stage Hypnotist, and Intuitive Medium. Located in Maine, USA.

Hypnosis Website:

Comedy Show website:

The Smoke-out series: Quit smoking with Dan Hetrick,a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Located in Maryland, USA. Works with clients via Skype.


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The Smoke-out series: How to stop smoking the easy way with Lisa Hubbard Solution Based Hypnosis

Lisa shares great tips for combating tobacco cravings

Phone: 301-395-7137.

Bowie, Maryland

The Smoke-out series: How to stop smoking easily and effectively with Jim Kellner

Phone: (209) 852-6642; (206) 427-6025


Experience hypnosis for free: Http://www.JimKellnerHypnotist/Free-Hypnosis

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Weight Loss with Akil Sherman

Akil Sherman - online personal fitness coach Call: WhatsApp at 404-435-4333

FB biz page: Akil Sherman Online personal training or FB personal page: Akil Sherman

DM me at IG: akil_pt

Introduction to astrology and numerology with Jim Kellner.

Jim Kellner is a Speaker | Author | Hypnotist | Coach


Phone: (443) 599 8488