Ancestral Trauma Healing Practitioner

Certification Course


On Sundays at 12 noon EST (New York Time)
December 3, 2023
January 13, 2024
January 28, 2024

(Plan for 3-4 hours long sessions)

Ancestral trauma is a survival algorithm that has outlived its time.
Be the one who breaks the cycle of suffering in your lineage and helps others to do the same. I promise you a deeply healing and transformative experience!
Replays of the classes will be accessible, but actively participating in the healing session offers a distinct experience compared to merely observing it.

Guzalia Davis

🌱 Heal the Deepest Wounds: Uncover the power to address deeply rooted traumas and generational patterns, surpassing the capabilities of conventional resources.

πŸ“š Comprehensive Learning: Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, you'll acquire the skills needed to effectively heal ancestral trauma.

🌟 Live Engagement: Active participation and practice are at the heart of our program. You must attend live sessions to experience the true power of this healing journey.

🌟 Profound Healing Experience: Trauma repeats until it's healed. Don't ignore your pain; heal it. Join us for a transformative journey to release old programming, fears, and limiting beliefs.

πŸ™Œ Who Should Join: Whether you're an experienced hypnotist/hypnotherapist, psychologist, therapist, meditation facilitator, coach, or completely new to the field with a genuine desire to help others, this program is designed for you.

πŸ“– No Prior Experience Required: While prior knowledge of hypnosis and meditation is advantageous, it's not mandatory. We provide comprehensive instruction to ensure your successful facilitation of this protocol.

🌟Free access to our weekly Zoom meetups on Fridays at 12 noon EST. We talk about building business and marketing, sometimes we do healing sessions, and sometimes we simply talk about our problems. This is an informal, safe, non-judgmental space where you can be YOU. Grab your tea and join the conversation!

πŸ™ŒFree access to our community on Facebook for ongoing support and to connect with peers to practice your new skills.

πŸŽ“ Certification: Upon successful completion of the exam, you'll receive a certificate of your choice: Ancestral Trauma Healing Practitioner or Ancestral Trauma Healing Facilitator. The certificate is issued by the International Hypnosis School and Apavarga Veda Center.

Classes & Healing Sessions

live on Zoom

12 noon EST (New York Time) on Sundays

Replays will be available

πŸ“… December 3, 2023: Healing Talents, Skills, Knowledge, Abilities, Debts, Work, Career, Business, Money, Wealth

πŸ“… January 13, 2024: Healing: I am a Woman - I am a Man. Self-identity. Self-acceptance. Body.

πŸ“… January 28, 2024: Healing: Giving and Receiving. The Law of Balance and Equal Exchange.

Healing Sessions

live on Zoom

12 noon EST (New York Time) on Fridays (these are our weekly Friday Zoom Meetups)

Replays will be available

πŸ“… December 1, 2023: Shamanic Healing Practice: Earth Submersion

Ancestral Depths - Layer of Memories and DNA

Delve into the second layer, where ancient memories and hidden DNA knowledge are revealed. Venture further into the Earth's embrace, entering a realm of ancestral wisdom and self-discovery. This meditation will guide you to unearth the depths of your ancestral knowledge and your personal history.

πŸ“… December 8, 2023: Shamanic Healing Practice: Earth Submersion

Primordial Heart - Layer of Ancient Gods and Power

Reach the deepest layer, where you establish a connection with ancient gods and unlock your inner power. Here, you'll encounter the abode of the Ancient Gods, forging a profound spiritual bond with your creator. Through this communion, you will unlock your innate power and gain access to a unique algorithm for success, perfectly tailored to your individual journey.

Course Content:

These files are available for instant access

Video: Theory

  • Learn what is Ancestral Trauma, how it forms, and how it passes down through generations

  • How to recognize generational trauma (many problems we experience are not even ours)

  • How to read your clients. You can gather a lot of information from the words not said. Your clients will think that you are a psychic!

  • How to release trauma

  • Family/Lineage Structure

  • How to structure and run your sessions

3 x Demo Sessions: Witness the protocol in action, observe its effects, and gain insights into how your own mind and body respond to the protocol even through passive observation.

Health, Your Rightful Place within Your Lineage

  • Video class

  • 10 x Demo Mini-Sessions

  • Guided meditation: 7 Generations Healing

  • Guided meditation: Feeling displaced from home and lack of a sense of belonging.

  • Guided meditation: Nature's Elements Energy Balancing

  • Guided meditation: Grounding

Inner Child Healing

  • Video class

  • Hypnosis session

  • Guide to Inner Child Healing

  • Hypnosis script

  • Meditation scripts x 2

  • Affirmations


Trancework Workshop: learn to enter yourself and induce trance for your clients

Self-Care for Healers Workshop: you cannot heal others without taking care of yourself

Face Reading: video class

Body Language: video class

The Art of Saying No: video class for over-givers

  • Manual 200 pages

  • Family & Lineage Structure and its Fundamental Laws & Principles PDF

  • Mother Wound healing: 35-page guide, Shamanic healing prayer, Shamanic healing chant, 4 x meditation scripts

  • Energetic Cord-Cutting: a short guide and script

  • Shadow Work: a short guide and script

  • 10 x Guided Meditation audio recordings for your own use

  • Shamanic Healing Light Practice: instruction and a pack of 5 meditation scripts

  • 12 x Guided Meditation Scripts: Ancestral Trauma Healing, Self-Love & Compassion, Awakening of the Soul Path. Grounding... and more

  • Forms drafts: client intake, medical disclaimer, and more ...

  • License that grants commercial use of the script

Bonus: Business Bootcamp

I want to express my belief in your sincere commitment to your journey as a Healer, and your intention to turn it into a thriving and meaningful vocation, rather than just a casual interest. I am here to support you in establishing a soulful healing practice that can flourish both spiritually and financially, recognizing that in our world, there are real-world expenses like housing and food to consider. By achieving success in your life, you can extend your capacity to assist others. In that regard, I am excited to offer you complimentary access to my Business Bootcamp as part of this course (free of any additional charge). You can access more details and scheduling information for this opportunity here: Business Bootcamp

Live Zoom Workshop at 12 noon EST, December 2, 2023

Terms and Conditions:

πŸ”’ Active Participation: Your presence during live sessions is crucial for the healing process. All participants will actively engage in the process. The replays will be available, but taking part in the healing session is different from just observing it.

πŸŽ₯ Video Recording: By enrolling, you agree to be video-recorded for training and promotional purposes.

Don't let ancestral trauma hold you back. Join us on this transformative journey to heal and help others heal too. Reserve your spot now and become a certified Ancestral Trauma Healing Practitioner or Facilitator.

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Live Zoom Healing Sessions: December 3, 2023; January 13 and 28, 2024

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Preparing for Our Sessions:

  • Prior to our session, ensure that you've had a meal to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

  • Have a drink of your choice readily available for hydration.

  • Keep a box of tissues nearby, as emotional release is anticipated. It's a good idea to skip mascara on this day.

  • We won't be engaging in meditation, so make yourself comfortable in an upright chair rather than lying down.

  • Adjust your camera angle to ensure it captures you directly. Proper lighting is essential for me to monitor how your body responds during the sessions. Although it does not happen for everyone, the body may give clues in the form of redness or even rash.

  • Please use headphones to ensure a good sound experience for you and the entire group.

  • Prepare a sweater or blanket as participants often feel chilly during this process.

  • If you wish, set up an altar, light candles, and make offerings to your Ancestors.

  • There's no need to take notes during the session; your complete presence is required. You can revisit the sessions and make notes later if desired.

  • Please refrain from consuming alcohol on the day of our session. Incorporating alcohol into Ancestral work is discouraged, as it shows disrespect to your Ancestors and may be detrimental to you and future generations.

Snippets from classes:

Why now?

The timing for this course was not picked randomly; it was carefully selected to align with a longstanding tradition of deep ancestral work, which is traditionally conducted in the fall. The choice of this season holds profound significance, as it harmonizes with the natural rhythms of the Earth and the symbolic aspects associated with autumn.

Fall, often characterized by its changing foliage, cooler temperatures, and the gradual descent of leaves from trees, is a time when nature itself undergoes a profound transformation. This transformation mirrors the essence of deep ancestral work. Just as trees shed their leaves to prepare for the coming winter, individuals engaging in ancestral work shed old patterns, beliefs, and connections to prepare for a deeper exploration of their roots.

One key aspect of the fall season is the celebration of harvest festivals in many cultures. These festivals are a reflection of gratitude for the abundance of the year's harvest, and they provide a natural backdrop for deep ancestral work. Participants in the course can draw parallels between the symbolic act of harvesting and the process of delving into their family history and ancestral connections, reaping the wisdom, knowledge, and insights of their forebears.

Furthermore, the fall season brings with it a unique atmosphere. The days grow shorter, and darkness begins to encroach upon the light. This transition from light to dark resonates with the idea of introspection, which is central to ancestral work. The longer evenings and cooler temperatures provide a conducive environment for contemplation, self-reflection, and exploring one's ancestral heritage with greater depth and focus.

As the natural world undergoes its cycle of transformation, the fall season also symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and death. In ancestral work, participants often seek to connect with their ancestors and honor those who came before them. The fall's symbolism of the cycle of life and death serves as a powerful reminder of the continuity of generations and the importance of acknowledging and understanding the past to shape the future.

The choice of conducting deep ancestral work in the fall is not arbitrary but rooted in the profound connection between the season and the objectives of the course. It is a time when the natural world prepares for its own renewal, making it the perfect backdrop for participants to engage in meaningful introspection, exploration of their roots, and the honoring of their ancestors. The fall season's symbolism aligns beautifully with the deeper purpose of the course, providing a rich and fertile ground for personal growth and ancestral connection.

The Significance of Ancestral Work

Ancestral work is a sacred journey that connects us to those who came before. It is a way to honor their stories, their wisdom, and their resilience. Through ancestral work, we can heal the wounds of the past and learn to navigate the present with grace and resilience.

Our ancestors are the threads that weave together the tapestry of our existence. They are the unseen, yet ever-present hands that have shaped our lives. Their legacy is not confined to the annals of history but resonates deeply within us.

As we explore our ancestry, we discover the intricate tapestry of stories, traditions, and experiences that define our lineage. We honor the struggles they endured, the triumphs they celebrated, and the knowledge they held close to their hearts.

Through ancestral work, we awaken the dormant spirits of our forebearers, invoking their presence to offer us guidance, protection, and profound insight. It is a timeless dance, a harmonious interplay between the living and the ancestral.

In the sacred space we create, we find solace and connection. We share stories, tears, laughter, and love with those who have journeyed before us. In the gentle embrace of ancestral work, we not only heal the wounds of the past but also learn to navigate the present with grace and resilience.

With our ancestors by our side, we confront life's challenges with newfound courage, for we are bolstered by the collective strength of generations gone by.

Ancestral work is the art of weaving our own threads into the ever-expanding tapestry of human existence. It is a testament to our commitment to preserving the stories of our lineage, ensuring that the wisdom of our ancestors continues to guide and inspire us.

As we walk this path, we are both torchbearers and guardians of the legacy they entrusted to us, ensuring that their light continues to shine brightly through the tapestry of time.

Our ancestors are not distant memories but living currents in the river of time. They are the artisans who skillfully wove the fabric of human history, contributing their stories, their wisdom, and their resilience to the ever-evolving narrative of our species.

As we delve into the realm of ancestral work, we begin to grasp that we are like spiders, deftly weaving our threads into this ongoing web of life. Our threads intersect and intertwine with those of our ancestors, creating a rich and intricate pattern that tells the story of our lineage. We become both weavers and weft, perpetuating the narrative of our ancestors while adding our own unique chapter to the grand tapestry.

In this sacred exploration, we come to understand that our ancestors are not relegated to the distant past; they are ever-present, existing in the whispers of the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the blood that flows in our veins. They are the voices that speak to us in dreams and the wisdom that guides our decisions. They are the roots that anchor us to the fertile soil of our heritage and the branches that reach out toward a future yet to be written.

Through ancestral work, we become the custodians of this living tapestry, tasked with preserving its integrity and beauty.

We honor the struggles and triumphs of those who have come before us, weaving their stories into our own. In turn, we offer our own experiences, hopes, and dreams to be woven into the intricate design of the Ancestral Web.

In this realization, we are humbled by the profound interconnectedness of all life, past, present, and future. We understand that the Ancestral Web extends far beyond the boundaries of time and space, embracing all living beings in its luminous threads. It is a reminder that we are never truly alone, for we are always surrounded by the loving embrace of our ancestors, ever weaving the fabric of existence together.

Healing and Resolution: Unraveling Ancestral Wounds

Ancestral work, with its profound reverence for the past, extends a compassionate hand towards the opportunity for healing and resolution. In much the same way we inherit physical traits from our ancestors, we are also recipients of emotional legacies and energetic imprints, passed down through the tapestry of generations.

These ancestral gifts are not always ones of celebration; they may carry within them the weight of unresolved traumas, lingering grief, and persistent patterns of behavior that echo through time, subtly but profoundly shaping the course of our lives. It is through the portal of ancestral work that we embark on a transformative journey to illuminate and mend these ancestral wounds, thereby liberating ourselves and the generations yet to come from the heavy burdens of the past.

The Legacy of Unresolved Traumas

Inherited Shadows: Ancestral traumas can cast long shadows across our lives, manifesting in the form of anxiety, depression, addictions, or other emotional struggles. These shadows are often not ours alone but are shared echoes of the past.

Patterns of Behavior: We may unknowingly perpetuate familial patterns of behavior and belief, even when they no longer serve us. These patterns are like ancestral echoes that whisper in our ears, compelling us to repeat the past.

Grief and Unfinished Business: The grief and unfinished business of our ancestors can linger, seeking resolution through the descendants. It is as though their unspoken stories and unshed tears yearn for acknowledgment.

At times, it may seem as though your experiences are entirely your own, isolated and unique. You might feel that your experiences are original and incomparable. However, our life is a tapestry of common experiences that bind us together.

Think of yourself as a single petal on a beautiful flower, standing alongside countless others on the same stem. These petals all share similar stories, for they are born from the same source, the same flower. The experiences of every petal in that bunch are, in essence, reflections of one another. These petals all emerged from the same origins, from the same common root.

As these roses bloom and thrive, they produce seeds, carrying within them the memories of the experiences of the flowers and petals before them. This lineage of shared pain and suffering is passed down through the generations. The seeds sprout into new roses, bearing witness to the same traumas and adversities. The garden of interconnected flowers becomes a living testament to the collective history.

Our suffering, while deeply personal, is not unique to us alone. We are part of a larger narrative, a web of shared experiences that transcends time and space. When we acknowledge our heritage, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. We become part of a chain that has the power to heal, to grow, and to transform, ensuring that the memories of the past, both the pain and the strength, continue to be passed down through the generations, like the petals of a resilient and enduring rose.

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