Hypnosis & Meditation

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hypnosis and meditation audio recordings MP3
hypnosis and meditation audio recordings MP3
Personal Growth

Moving on to the Next Level

Hypnosis recording


Improving the sense

of self-worth

Hypnosis recording for women


End self-sabotage

Hypnosis recording for women


Journey of Limitless Power

Hypnosis recording


Letting go

Hypnosis recording for women


Hypnosis for Better Focus During Studies



Make More Money

Hypnosis recording


Money Affirmations

ASMR: whispered ear-to-ear

Hypnosis recording


Receive Spiritual Guidance

in Your Dreams

Hypnosis recording


Soul Journey into

the Hollow Earth

Hypnosis recording


Metaphysical Healing Soul Journey with Persephone Video class and hypnosis recording

Metaphysical Hypnosis

Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Guided mediation for women


Open Your Heart to Love Guided Healing Session

19-minute video

Shamanic Practices

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Guided meditation recording


Shamanic Grounding Practice

Guided meditation recording


Kundalini Awakening

Tantric Practice

Guided meditation recording


Suggestions for Listening to Hypnosis and Meditation Recordings

1. Find a Quiet and Comfortable Space: Choose a calm and quiet environment where you can relax without distractions.

2. Use Headphones (Optional): While not necessary, using headphones can enhance your listening experience by providing a more immersive and focused sound.

You will need headphones to get the full effect of ASMR recordings.

3. Settle into a Relaxing Position: Find a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down, that allows your body to be relaxed and at ease. Ensure that you can maintain this position for the duration of the recording.

4. Start with Deep Breathing: Take a few moments to practice deep breathing exercises before beginning the hypnosis or meditation recording. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. This helps to calm your mind and relax your body.

5. Play the Recording: Start the hypnosis or meditation recording and allow yourself to focus on the speaker's voice and the accompanying sounds. Follow the instructions provided in the recording, allowing yourself to fully engage in the experience.

6. Maintain an Open Mind: Approach the session with an open mind and a willingness to explore the suggested visualizations, affirmations, or relaxation techniques. Suspend any judgment or skepticism and allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

7. Let Go and Relax: Release any expectations or pressure you may have and simply let go. Allow the recording to guide you into a state of relaxation, calmness, or focused awareness, depending on the purpose of the session.

8. Avoid Distractions: Minimize potential interruptions during the session. Silence your phone or put it on silent mode and inform others around you that you need some uninterrupted time. This helps to create a peaceful and distraction-free environment.

9. Practice Regularly: Consistency is key to reaping the benefits of hypnosis and meditation. Aim to listen to the recordings regularly, whether it's daily, a few times a week, or as recommended by the program or recording provider. Regular practice can enhance the effectiveness of the sessions and help you develop a deeper connection with the process.

10. Reflect and Rejuvenate: After the session ends, take a moment to relax and reflect on your experience. Allow yourself to transition back to your daily routine gradually. Some individuals like to journal or write down any insights, thoughts, or emotions that arose during the session.

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