The first 1.5-hour appointment is $250

Each follow-up 1-hour appointment is $195

Smoking Cessation Program: $1200


How hypnosis works

Will hypnosis work for you? Self-qualifying process:

Why Virtual Hypnosis?

I've made a deliberate choice to exclusively conduct sessions via virtual Zoom appointments, a transition prompted by the COVID quarantine that has proven remarkably beneficial for my clients. This mode of engagement, which I've continued by choice, provides unparalleled advantages.

Years of experience have allowed me to refine protocols that significantly reduce the number of sessions required for success. Through meticulous preparation, a robust strategy, and supplemental resources for reinforcement, the outcomes typically achieved in 3-4 sessions are condensed into a singular, highly effective session.

Moreover, my expertise extends beyond private services. I've been training hypnotherapy students in the same approach, empowering them to achieve remarkable results in helping people.

Worried about the logistics? I've got you covered. Detailed Zoom setup instructions will be provided, ensuring a seamless experience. All that's required is a computer, an internet connection, and a comfortable place to sit โ€“ an effortless process designed to prioritize your convenience.

No more commuting hassles or travel expenses! My Zoom appointments offer all the benefits of in-person sessions from the comfort and safety of your home.

Ready to Experience Rapid Transformation?

Schedule your 15-minute phone consultation today to determine your eligibility for our services.

To Qualify for Our Services:

1. Age requirement: To access our services, you must be 18 years of age or older. Individuals under 18 must obtain parental or legal guardian consent before receiving our services.

2. Mental Health Consideration: If you are dealing with psychosis, schizophrenia, or other mental health conditions that might impact your judgment or comprehension, hypnotherapy might not be the most effective option for you. In such cases, written permission from your treating doctor is necessary before proceeding with hypnotherapy.

Scheduling, Payment & Cancellation:

  • Hypnosis is not covered by any insurance. I can provide the receipt for your payment, and you can try to get reimbursed by your insurance provider. You will need a letter of medical necessity from your doctor.

  • Full payment is required in advance. Your appointment will not be considered booked until you complete the payment. Failure to submit payment by the due date will lead to the loss of your appointment and placement on our blacklist.

  • When you purchase my services, I commit to reserving enough time to serve you. That affects how many clients I can take on. For that reason, I do not offer refunds.

  • Your time is valuable, and so is mine. If you are late for your appointment, you lose that time. Regardless of how late you arrive, your appointment will end as scheduled. The client that is scheduled after you is not responsible for your tardiness.

  • Appointment rescheduling must be made at least 72 hours before the scheduled appointment. Please call or text to reschedule: 443 599 8488

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