Past Life Regression

Experience a powerful tool that can unlock the secrets of your past and transform your present with Past Life Regression Therapy. As a neutral facilitator, my goal is to guide you through a deeply personal journey without imposing any beliefs or preconceptions.

This fascinating therapy is not limited to the spiritually inclined. Even skeptics, conservatives, and scientifically minded individuals have experienced the life-changing benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy. It is a powerful tool that can uncover the root causes of your present symptoms and reveal past traumas that may be holding you back.

Whether you seek this therapy to improve your health, satisfy your curiosity, or overcome personal obstacles, the outcome is the same - positive transformation. Through Past Life Regression Therapy, people have freed themselves from emotional and physical pain, gained a deeper understanding of who they are, and improved their lives and relationships.

If you are ready to explore your past and transform your present, contact me to schedule a session. Discover the incredible power of Past Life Regression Therapy and unlock the key to a brighter future.

Guzalia Davis

Past Life Regression Program:

  • 2-hour hypnosis appointment (Zoom only)

  • A comprehensive 100-page numerological and astrological report is calculated for you, offering detailed insights and explanations.

  • A prep package of hypnosis recordings to help you get ready for deep trance work during our appointment.

  • A package of hypnosis recordings for continued progress post-appointment


For ongoing support, each subsequent 1-hour follow-up appointment is available at $195, tailored to further guide you through your personal exploration and growth.

Schedule your 15-minute phone consultation today to determine your eligibility for our services.