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It is time to put aside your shyness and embarrassment and start addressing your difficulties in a mature manner. You cannot get help unless you ask for it. I understand it is hard enough to go to a doctor and open up about your problems. What's even worse is not getting any help. Unfortunately, conventional treatments consist mostly of pills that mask symptoms for a while and create even bigger problems in the end. It is often forgotten that we are pretty complicated beings and need to be treated as whole beings - mind, body, and spirit, to heal.

Although sexual dysfunctions are common, the cause is rarely pathological. Every man will experience impotence at some time in his life. An erection is a fragile phenomenon. If you have already been seeing a medical doctor and have not resolved your issues, looking into alternative healing modalities would be a good choice.

Sometimes, it's a matter of dealing with past negative experiences, fears, and low confidence. Sometimes, It's a matter of energetic blocks in the body. Believe it or not, sometimes, it's simply a matter of poor nutrition and lifestyle.

Hypnosis is proven to be very effective for clearing out mental blocks and emotional trauma, boosting confidence, and improving the sense of well-being which often leads to better performance in the bedroom. For some, just a few sessions can bring desired results. For some, it may require more in-depth work.

  • low libido

  • erectile dysfunctions

  • premature ejaculation

  • porn addiction-induced erectile dysfunction

  • fear of failing to perform

  • low confidence

  • inability to leave your work and stress out of your bedroom

  • inability to forget past negative sexual experiences

  • abuse/traumatic experiences

    Many issues can be resolved within a few sessions.

    First 1-hr appointment: $250. Each follow-up 1-hr appointment: $195

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Sexual Difficulties, Erectile Dysfunctions, Premature Ejaculation

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