Never Share Your Plans!

Are you in a habit of telling people your plans? here is why you should stop:

Guzalia Davis

The power of the mind is a fascinating phenomenon. Our thoughts and beliefs have a significant impact on our behavior, decisions, and ultimately, the outcomes we achieve. Psychology teaches us that we can harness the power of our mind to achieve our goals and aspirations. However, there is one common mistake that people make when pursuing their dreams - sharing their plans with others.

Sharing your plans can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can provide you with a sense of accountability and motivation to follow through with your goals. On the other hand, it can also hinder your progress and prevent you from achieving your objectives. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you should never share your plans with others.

Firstly, once you have shared your plan with others, your subconsciousness believes that it's already done. Your mind will be tricked into thinking that you have already accomplished your goals, leading to a decrease in your drive and desire. You might feel satisfied with sharing your plans with others, which can lead to complacency and reduced motivation. In contrast, keeping your plans to yourself can help you maintain your focus and motivation towards achieving your goals.

Secondly, sharing your plans with others can be a sign that you are seeking approval, support, and help. It could mean that your confidence, self-assurance, and self-reliance levels are not where they should be. You might be relying too much on other people's opinions and approval, which can make you vulnerable to their influence and manipulation. It's essential to develop a sense of self-reliance and confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals independently.

Thirdly, sharing your plans disperses the energy of the initial desire that fuels you to achieve your goals. When you share your plans with others, you are directing your energy towards talking about your goals instead of taking action to achieve them. Consequently, you might find yourself with less energy and motivation to pursue your objectives.

Lastly, even the closest and most loving friends may start sabotaging you and make you doubt yourself. They may not realize they are doing it, but their envy, fear of losing you, and their own insecurities can lead them to discourage you from pursuing your goals. It's crucial to protect your goals and aspirations by keeping them to yourself.

Sharing your plans with others can hinder your progress and prevent you from achieving your goals. It's essential to develop a sense of self-reliance, confidence, and motivation to pursue your objectives independently. Keeping your plans to yourself can help you maintain your focus and energy towards achieving your goals. So, do your own thing, keep your mouth shut, and stay focused on your goals. Remember, the power to achieve your goals lies within you.

Do your own thing.

Keep your mouth shut.

Stay focused.